Violet Culture

The most beautiful little book has come my way. It is bound in purple suede with gold trim to the edges of the pages which are rough cut and titled Violet Culture. Written  by A. and D. Allen-Brown is was published by them in 1909, the book describes the commercial cultivation of violets as practiced by them in their nurseries in Henfield, Sussex.

They obviously love the flowers they grow and delight in sharing their knowledge. The descriptions of the different varieties of violets takes the reader back to a time when you could buy a posy of violets from a London market after they had been lovingly wrapped and sent by early train. Can you still by posies of violets? Are they still grown commercially?

The illustrations in the book are a delight including the types of violets, how to pack them, the violet house and frames and the workers. I’m not sure I will be able to part with this one except to a real plant lover. I love these books!

A violet grower

A violet grower

Here are a couple of the illustrations