In Praise of Giving – Home Made Stuff

Yesterday I was given a posy of flowers from my friend’s garden, beautiful pink roses and lady’s mantle to be precise. I can’t tell you how good that made me feel.

I wrongly tend to think that giving flowers from my garden or something I have cooked is the cheat’s way out of giving a present or that I am a bit of a cheapskate. I took a bottle of rhubarb and elderflower cordial that I had made to a party last week rather than wine and questioned myself all the way there.

Wrong! wrong! wrong! Time to have a rethink.

Giving hand made presents seem to have been replaced by the need to show how much you care by how much you spend. Are we measured by how much we spend on each other? I know that those people who I call friends are not in any way like that, so why do I still so often suffer under the illusion that I need to prove my affection by spending money rather than time on them. I love receiving hand made or second hand gifts, chosen because the giver knows it is something I would love rather than consider where it came from or how much it cost. So why do I not practice more of what I appreciate from others?

True the same person who gave me the flowers gets a jar of my chutney every Christmas and my brother would rather have a jar of my Marmalade than the bought variety.

So, in future I intend to give more to friends and family in the way of time through something I have made or grown as a first option rather than a second choice.

and follow my own mantra – Every day give something away.