Cutting it fine

With the wet weather I haven’t been able to get out there and really get to grips with the pruning. OK I didn’t want to get wet! So the last week or so has seen me frantically pruning things. This weekend was the turn of the rambling rose Phillip Kiftsgate. It is twenty foot along the fence and about eight foot high so this was no mean job. Well I’m not sure it is copy book pruning but it is a very forgiving plant, although it did put up a bit of a fight and I now look like I have gone ten rounds with a nest of kittens! It is now 4ft high by 10ft long. Hopefully it will be back to its usual glory in the summer.






So if you want to do it properly here are some suggestions.

Simple Pruning by N. Catchpole, Pruning and Planting Guide by Mollie Thompson and Select List of Roses and Instructions on Pruning


A New Year in the Garden

Well as I write this both the garden and the allotment are covered in snow, but I’ve just had the roast pumpkin and sweet potato soup with toasted pumpkin bread for lunch – delicious. As you can guess, the pumpkins and squashes did well last year and are still storing well and the freezer still has loads of beans and fruit with the staples of potatoes and onions seeing us through. I do keep having to check them regularly though as the shed is damp rather than cold this year. I thought I had mice in the shed, Daisy the cat keeps looking very interestedly (is that a real word?) under the shelves, but I haven’t lost any food yet.

Preparing for the spring is going slowly as the ground is so wet but we have done the annual planning of what we will grow this year and agreed our crop rotation! New to be tried this year – Pink Dragon radishes (Terry loves radishes and we try something new every year) and Honeydew sweet corn. Tried and tested from last year, the baby beet Action and climbing pea Ne Plus Ultra. The pea is a variety I found at the seed swap and is the best I’ve ever grown. Now I’m looking forward to the spring – see you there.