A great day at the auction

Well I had a great day at the auction yesterday and came home with some exciting books. Including a 18th century printing of The Cooks and Confectioners’s dictionary by John Nott - 300 years old! It is very tatty but I can’t wait to read it…. and a beautiful copy of Sowerby’s The Grasses of Great Britain with the lovely illustrations hand tipped in …and The Kitchen Oracle by Samuel Hobbs …and Forsyth’s treatise on the Culture and Management of Fruit Trees (1803)… and a translation of ATICUS The Roman Cookery Book … and lots more. So I will be spending the day pretending to put them up on the shop site but actually reading them.


The Spanish approach to food

I have found a soul mate in the author of a lovely book that I have just bought, The Casa Pepe Book of Spanish Cooking written by Joseph Solsona (nickname Pepe), who was born Dec 1902. If you want to cook traditional Spanish food this is a must. A great book spotted with quotes, my favourite being – When slimming, if you are offered a good meal, forget the diet. The best part of any diet is to break it ANON

at last someone understands me.

Onward and upward – new webshop

You may have wondered why I have been quiet recently. well I have been working on getting all the book details updated for …..the new Refried Books web shop. I am so looking forward to it. The lovely Debbie Kennedy http://norobotshere.com/ has been working on it for me. It will be attached to this site – easy to find, so hopefully from April you will be able to see exactly what there is to offer, ask questions, tell me what you want and buy books on line.

More news soon.

Prosit – A Book of Toasts

With Christmas cheers in the offing, I’d like to introduce you to a book of toasts Prosit complied by Clotho and published 1904 in San Fransisco. A great book with toasts to just about everything.

Here are a few: -

Here’s to that most fascinating woman, the widow of some other man!

Here’s to the wings of friendship may they never moult a feather.

Here’s to the ships of our navy, Here’s to the ladies of our land, May the first be ever well rigged, and the latter ever well manned!

Here’s to the journey of life – and may you never miss the train of kindly thought.

and on that thought I’ll leave you.


Found – another copy of a Kitchen Ranging

Some books I can’t wait to get rid of, others I would be quite happy never to sell. Probably not good business sense, but hey. One of the greats is Kitchen Ranging – A Book of Dish-cover-y by Pearl Adams published in 1928.

Pearl was ahead of her time I think. Obviously a cookery lover the book has 775 recipes from (so it says) every country.

The first chapter,The Animal That Cooks, is a great starter to the book – to quote ‘He is also, it is thought, the only animal who has weighed the stars, invented handwriting or discovered dressmaking’. The 3 introductory chapters are followed by a range of interesting recipes from around the world: Yorkshire cowslip pudding; Tunisian fish-cakes; Alsatian onion tart; South African meat pie and my favourite – ginger apples.

I have used her recipes over and over, some of them on this site – ginger apples and imam baildy. So I am glad to get another copy, even if it is not is such good condition as the previous copy sold at the Weald and Downland Autumn fair to a lovely lady, a cookery book addict, who also sent me a recipe for lambswool (a winter drink).

Now I had better start looking for another copy for when I sell this one.