Bread alone

I have been rereading Maria Floris’s marvellous book Cooking for Love . I must say I love this book. I just had to share this paragraph from the bread section with you – ‘ I choose my bread according to the time of day, my appetite and my mood. If my appetite and mood are good I like a light white roll or white bread for breakfast, and of course hot white toast. I nearly always love a slice of hard rye bread with butter for my eleven o’clock coffee . With lunch I like a crisp Kaiser roll, and with after noon tea I like a croissant or brioche. On the dinner table I may have white bread, rolls, French bread, wholemeal bread or the famous and very popular granary bread.

How big is her bread bin?

While I don’t have a different bread for each time of the day I do like to vary the type of bread and my favourites change from time to time. One of my standards is a nice seedy loaf, and for a long time my favourite was Honey Nut Loaf from Flavoured Breads by Linda Collister, although all the recipes from that book work and I cook from it regularly. Of course freshly made foccacia with olives or rosemary and sea salt are my picnic favourites and soupy days cheese and onion baps.

My latest favourite is Rye and Spelt Loaf, a Paul Holliwood recipe from his book Bread. Made with a mix of white, rye and spelt flours it has a lovely nutty taste and goes with everything. Toasted with honey it is to die for.

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