All About Refried Books

This wordpress grew out of a love for old books especially old cookery books and gardening books. Well actually it’s about books about food, wine, cooking, housekeeping, growing and everything to do with producing food, oh and flowers. Why have I put it together – because I love cooking and growing things and books and I want to share the books I have found and my love of cooking, growing.and wine.

I’m based in Sussex in a house with a long thin garden, a small kitchen, two cats and an allotment which I share with my partner Terry.

A while ago I decided to make a change and took the step to make a living out something I really enjoy and have the opportunity of buying and selling these lovely books and enjoy them while they pass through my hands. On the way through I’ll share them with you through the blog along with some of the recipes, gardening hints, tips and lore.

I also discovered a love for hand-written cookery books and from this wrote my ‘masterpiece’ – Recipes From an Unknown Kitchen –  a book bringing recipes from some of these back to light and covering recipes from 1800 to 2000.

Good books are a real reflection of the times in which they were written. So when I include recipes and garden tips, I will try to give you a feeling of the books and times they come from. Not that all the recipes are great, some deserve to disappear in the mists of time, Chinese tripe soup springs to mind!

I’d love to hear some of your favourite recipes, old cookery and gardening books – is anyone out there as obsessive about them as me – I do hope so.

The shop is just a click away, I hope you enjoy it.